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E. V. Darcy is not my real name, but as taught High School when I began my writing career, and those pesky kids have a way of finding things, I thought better safe than sorry! 

I live in the north of England with my husband and rather large -- and very spoilt -- dog, Jabba, who we rescued in 2015.

In 2009 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Imaginative Writing from Liverpool John Moores University. I then went on to teach high school maths - go figure!

When I'm not writing you can find me procrastinating by binge watching my favourite T.V. shows, playing computer games, or walking my much loved dog, who you will find is my baby!



Press the button to the right hand side for more pictures of my beloved pooch!


I think that Jabba is a South African Mastiff, but it's not official. Technically he's a mutt, not that I love him any less.  We adopted him from Merseyside Dog's Home in March 2015. They aged him about about 18 months, but after checking his chip, turns out he was about 9 months old!  Instantly I knew that meant he was gonna get BIG... and I was right -- not that he realises it! He still thinks he can sit on laps. 

He's completely spoilt, because he's my baby. Originally my husband didn't want him, he's never had a dog and I was trying to get the biggest dog the rescue home had!  I don't blame him for being intimidated, but he knew how much Jabba would mean to me and so agreed to give him a home. However, within 48 hours I sneakily heard him telling Jabba how loved and how much of a good boy he was. Heart melt!

You'll probably see lots of pictures of Jabba on my Instagram (or on his!) and that's because he's way more photogenic than I am!