Buying Him

Coming 2020

Buying Him 3D.png

Lady Victoria Snape had always been enthralled by her parents’ love story; how her mother, a princess, had defied her father, the King, and married the title-less man she loved. It was a modern-day fairy tale and Victoria had always dreamt of her own great love story… Until her heart was dashed into a thousand pieces.

While she’d sworn she’d never love again, circumstances won’t allow her to become an old maid. When her father unexpectedly dies, Victoria has only months to marry before she’s cut off and if she loses her inheritance she’ll have to turn to her grandfather for support, something she vows she’ll never do.

Cormac Blake wasn’t trying to be Prince Charming when he rescued the damsel in distress. He certainly wasn’t looking for a leg up—or over!—but being penniless and sleeping in his brother’s garage doesn’t make him much of a catch when approaching forty. So, when the elusive Lady Snape offers him the chance of a life time by simply giving her his name, how can he refuse?

Being a billionaire’s daughter, Victoria never thought she’d have to do what she’s about to, but sometimes you have to marry for the money…

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