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Beginning Mid 2018

The Curse: A Fairy Tale Series

Star had never really thought about the state of the world. She hadn't thought about why the sky was always blackened by clouds, why the rain never seemed to stop for long, why a melancholy covered everyone. She was nineteen, she had her own problems, she didn't need the fate of the world pressing upon her too. Yes there were tales of when times were better; when the sun shined and people laughed. There was even talk of the word love. But they were just children's tales, told by parents for a reason Star couldn't understand. Why fill their heads with such fantasies when the world wasn't like that, was never going to be like that again--if it even had in the first place?

But the doors to the Sealed Castle have opened for the first time that anyone can recall and a message has been sent for her. 

A descendant, she's told, of all the princesses that formed the world that was today, she has a chance to break the curse no one knew existed--or had forgot about at least!--on their world. A curse that stopped the sunlight breaking through the clouds, stopped the laughter that tried to bubble from a babes lips, stopped love beating in the hearts of the people. 

Star has one chance. She needs to relive the lives of her ancestors, the princesses who loved so purely and so deeply, she needs to experience their love, find the perfect kiss, and the world will know happiness it forgot existed. Fail and the world stays as it forever.

She walks into the deal, thinking how easy it will be, her mother told her the tales of the princesses as a child, and she'd told them to her younger siblings. But of course, when you're dealing with a curse set by the wickedest witch of them all, it's never going to be easy...



Follow Star as she takes up the life and plight of Snow White as she tries to find the perfect kiss to break the spell and return home to her family