Royal Family Tree

The Family Tree of King Richard VIII, King of Avalone.

Okay so you're probably not as excited as I am about my upcoming multiverse series and I figured that's because you don't know them yet! So let's change that.

The King of Avalone is King Richard VIII, and, following royal tradition, he managed to have as many children as he could. His seven children haven't given him as many grandchildren as he had expected, and while he knows he has far more than some other royal families in Europe, he's bitterly disappointed that his eldest son, the Grand Duke (and heir to the throne) only managed a single son. No spare there.

You may notice that I've used masked images for parts of the family that are not yet the focus of my work. I don't want the focus taken away from the stories that I'm currently weaving. While I have the verse outlined, plans are not set in stone just yet for these later stories, and I want to ensure that their stories are solid before I reveal them to you.  However, there are two family lines that are mask free!

Lady Victoria Snape and Cormac 'Mac' Blake

Prince Alistair, Prince of Avalone

Royals of Avalone: Inheritance, and Royals of Avalone: The Contessa are the first two lines that will come from the royal family. Inheritance focuses on Melinda's daughters; Victoria, Philippa, Henrietta, and Alexandra. These four lovely women are the lowest of all the royals, the Snape Ladies (not princesses--they were denied the right!), will introduce us to their cousins along the way as their tales of love are spun. Each sister will have their own story that will be covered in a single book. Bumps along the way are guaranteed, but so is a Happily Ever After!

The Contessa (formally this was going to be called Courtesan) is Alistair's story. A long one that will not be completed in a single book. This is because his is FAR more complicated and is tied into one of the many secrets the Royal Family hide. This will be a tale of fighting against the institution to give his heart the freedom it so desperately desires. 

I hope you're intrigued now, that you're itching for a bit more information. I don't think you realise how hard it is to keep this all to myself. I might just burst before,  but I'm really trying to keep things under my hat!

Keep watching for more information on Avalone and its Royal Family!