Fangirl Updates

You may have noticed that the covers of my Fangirl Series have been updated.  YEY!  I love the new designs. I did them myself, and I feel they fit the genre a little more appropriately.  The paperback for An Unconventional Meeting has also been updated. I've changed the size of the book as well as the front cover. It's going to look very different, but I should get my copy tomorrow to share with the world!  


I'm also in the process of doing a quality check on my second Fangirl book, An Unexpected Entanglement. I had someone look at my latest file update only to find that errors I assumed had disappeared, hadn't! EEEK!  So please keep that in mind if you're currently reading or have already read it. As soon as I have the file back from my second proofer I'll reupdate and request that Amazon push an update of the file.  Right after that I'll be formatting the paperback and will finally be able to release that upon you all too!