An Unusual Hero - Postponed

So I had planned on doing the release last month, but I postponed for reasons that conflicted with the backstory within the book. I planned on releasing later this month but yesterday saw the same reason occur so I'm postponing again.

The problem is Sarah's backstory. Within the pages, we find that Sarah is a teacher from the UK who survived a mass shooting and child trafficking kidnap attempt. She's the only person in the world who has seen the head of the trafficking ring and thus is valuable.

Throughout the novel, she is plagued by nightmares that show her escape from the school, the rescue of a number of children, but also the deaths of many more. The nightmares see her face off against the bad guy who gets away, leading to the situation she finds herself in with Luc Truman.

While I had this idea years ago - in fact, the original file was created in January 2015 - right now I'm not seeing how I can release the book with the news filled with tales of mass shootings at schools in the US without it seeming in poor taste or without being accused of profiteering.

As you can imagine I am bitterly disappointed to have to do such a thing, but as the reason for the pair being thrown together features so prominently in the news right now, I don't want any controversy or any negative come back. And with the news of another mass shooting last night I decided to pull the book back and reassess things.

I have yet to decide if I will rewrite the book with a different backstory for Sarah that will still satisfy what happened at the end of Marc's story (Luc's running and the explosion) or if I will find a way to edit the current story. My feelings on that, though, are that I don't know if I could do the story justice written without the key elements that I have already included.

This is not a decision that I have taken lightly. The book itself has already cost me a pretty penny and puts me in an even more awkward position financially, but I refuse to be seen as someone who makes light of such situations or seen as profiting from the pain and anguish of others.

For the time being I will be focusing back on my Royals of Avalone series and hope to have more news on that in the coming weeks.