What if you could sponsor a Pulitzer Prize winning book or an Oscar-winning film?


So recently I signed up to Patreon. Never heard of it? It's a great site that's designed to help creative people such as myself do the work we want to do and get paid for it. When I tried to explain this to someone the other day they asked well don't you get paid when you write a book?

I sighed and began to explain that being an indie-writer is hard (not that I'm complaining about hard work!) and that I'm not simply an author, but a publisher too! I have to organise editing, advertising, sales, and so on, which for a traditionally published writer is all done for them. It's a steep learning curve and one that I've lost money on, sadly. Also, did you know it can take up to TWO months for indies to receiving their commissions (royalties)?


So being stuck between a rock and a hard place I started looking at other options and I stumbled on Patreon. Now, this is a neat site. People become patrons of artists, authors and other creatives. They donate or 'tip' a set amount each month or per creative post to help the development of the work in exchange for exclusive content or sneak peeks into what's going on. That might mean you get to see a few scenes from a movie while it's being made, or you get the chapters of a book as the author is writing.

There are all sorts of different levels of subscriptions and it really assists creatives in being able to fund projects and see them through to the end.

If anyone decided to provide me with a patronage you can do so directly by clicking the image below and I'd be forever grateful. However, also have a look around the Patreon site and see if anything else takes your fancy. You never know what your name could be attributed in the future... perhaps the next bestseller or an Oscar-winning film!