Going Wide

No, that does note mean I'm gaining weight. I've done enough of that over the last year, thank you very much. Ugh!

Nope, it means that I am not renewing my exclusivity clause with Amazon. From 31st October (oh! Halloween!) my books will now be available on Kobo, Nook, iBooks, PlayBooks (Google) and a whole host of other places. 


Of course, the books will still be available on Amazon, but they will no longer be available via the Kindle Unlimited (KU) programme.

I thought long and hard about this and there are a few things that bug with with the KU program as an author.  The first is the exclusivity period and the second is the payment I get from someone borrowing and reading my book in the KU programme. They kind of tie in together. 

For my book if someone borrows and reads the book I get paid about $1.50, if someone buys the book then I get about $2.70. That's a difference of 45%!

Now I don't begrudge anyone borrowing the book, I wouldn't mind getting paid only $1.50 for the read through, IF I wasn't exclusive. Usually, if something is exclusive to a provider the thing that is exclusive costs the service provider more! They actually up the price to keep it to themselves and not go elsewhere. That's not the case with Amazon's KU.  

If I have 100 people borrow my book that's $150 - if I have 100 buy my book it's $270 - now that's a difference. I am potentially (and I say that because who knows if someone would have bought my book if they didn't have the KU option) losing out on $120 per 100 readers. And under Amazon's exclusivity KU clause, I have no way of making that money up on any other platform. 

There are lots of other reasons that authors are giving for deciding to either rescind or decline a further period of tie in to Amazon only, but this is the big thing for me. A book usually costs anywhere between $1000 and $5000 to produce - yes those numbers are accurate. It can be less, it can be more. But usually it's between those numbers. So if you're being paid 45% less than you'd get on the royalty from your RRP you got to start thinking, is it worth it?


Perhaps it is. Perhaps I'll be wrong, but to be honest, I've never been someone who likes all their eggs in one basket, so I'm going to dish them around and see if they become chicks or scrambled on my plate!  Who knows, so let's find out!