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The Royals of Avalone a Multi-Series Universe!

“Avalone: a small island country in the Atlantic ocean. Ruled by King Richard VIII the last country in Europe still controlled by a ruling monarch without a parliament. The royal family dates back to the escape of Queen Jane Grey from the British Isles and has survived without switching lines since.”

— Avalonian Tourist Relations

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With the unexpected death of their father, the Snape sisters are forced to contemplate one thing they'd been putting off for so long; marriage. Not only do they have to wed in order to get their inheritance, they have to do it before they turn 35.

Lady Victoria Snape, the eldest of the four siblings, has only months until she's cut off, and if she loses her inheritance she'll have to turn to her grandfather, King Richard VIII for support, something she vows she'll never do. 

Being a billionaire's daughter she never thought she'd do what she's about to, but sometimes, you have to marry for the money.


Are yOu A fAngirL?

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The FAngiRl SeRieS

a series of books dedicated to women who love TV shows, computer games, the internet, and everything else geeky!


Look out for books 3 & 4 in late 2017 and early 2018

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