The Royals of Avalone

As the only country in Europe still controlled by a ruling monarch, the Avalonian royal family ensures they are pristine in reputation, pure in action, and perfect in every way. To the public. Behind closed doors there's much more going on than hits the papers.

With a linage far purer than any other European royal house, the Avalonian Royals have far more skeletons hidden away than they have closets. From following traditions the world today just wouldn't understand to deeply buried secrets covered for many generations, the ageing King Richard VIII is determined that the family will not be ruined on his watch. But with the younger generation of royals walking the line between the modern world and tradition it could all come toppling down around him.

The Royals of Avalone is a multi-story universe; each series features a new set of stories from a different branch of the royal family.


The Contessa

Christina Davis


John Sharma

Coming 2021


Joshua Muller

coming 2022

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